The Stratford Symphony Orchestra

A new decade, with William Rowson, 
our new principal conductor

Volunteer Leadership Team

David Murray - Administrative Director 
George Pearson - Chair

Tim Elliott - Vice Chair

Robert Blackwell - System Coordination

Trudy Jonkman -  Volunteer Coordinator

Eleanor Kane - Secretary

Bonnie Richardson - Event Analyst

Our Volunteers

Jawad Azar
Samir Azar
Rouba Battikh
Brenda Blackwell
Janet Bradley
Pam Brierley
Colin Brisbois
James Colbeck
Colleen Devine

Lorne Elliott

Brenda Ford

Rejeanne Groulx

Jean Hewitt

Marjolein Hicks

Judy Hill

Marilyn Holmes

Carl Horrigan

Lorraine Kuepfer

Jenny Leaney

Andryia Leslie

Jennifer Lewington

Chris Masterman

Annamarie Murray

Jennifer Otter

John Patterson

Nancy Patterson

Pat Ranney

Bishu Sarkar

Helga Sarkar
Vicky Sheepers
Marg Smith
Gail Stacey
Larry Stacey
MJ Thompson
Allan Tye
Jan Van Stralen
Jill Wright

Volunteer with SSO

Stratford Symphony Orchestra has numerous volunteer opportunities available: from helping out at our concerts and fundraisers, to assisting with outreach or office tasks. If you have an interest in sharing your time and skills with us, please reach out and contact us using the "Volunteer Here" button to the right.

Thank you for your support!


The SSO Team