The Stratford Symphony Orchestra

A new decade, with William Rowson, 
our new principal conductor

New Year in Vienna

Happy New Year! Join the SSO for a New Year’s Day afternoon in Vienna with some of your favourite waltzes and polkas by Strauss and Anderson, plus works by Offenbach to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth. As always, a Champagne reception will follow the concert.

New Year in Vienna

Tuesday January 01, 2019

Conducted By:

William Rowson

Patron  Comments

"Absolutely delightful !!"
Dorothy Hart

"Brilliant way to start the year. We are so very lucky to have this particular conductor and the SSO in a town the size of Stratford."
Jan Greenwood

"It was fabulous; the music, the narrative, the venue. What a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new year."
Lorraine Kuepfer
"Wonderful way to begin a new year. Marvellous SSO."
Patricia Smith
"Loved the concert. Musicians and Bill Rowsom (sic) looked to be having a great time, along with the rest of us! Loved Bill’s commentary on the pieces of music. A wonderful to increase the enjoyment of listening!"
Trudy Jonkman
"Loved the concert! I enjoyed the solos and members looked to be having a great time. Bill engaged the audience and I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary. Interesting and educational and helps to understand selections."
Mary Chisholm
"It was as light and effervescent as champagne and lifted our spirits to pure joy. The only difficulty as staying in our seats for we had an overwhelming desire to get up and dance. Bravo! Brilliant start to 2019."
Cheryl Griffin
"Special to participate in SSO toast to the New Year & meet conductor after the beautiful concert!"
Beth Fischer
"It was wonderful. So much fun and wonderful music. Thank you."
Helen Harrison
"Loved today's concert, gorgeous music and wonderful conductor! So fortunate to be able to enjoy this huge pool of talent in our city! Here's to more in 2019!"
Jennifer Otter-Leaney
"Such a beautiful program.. we are so lucky to have the gift of the SSO and conductor Bill Rowson.. as Trudy says below he adds a wonderful, fun narrative that enriches the listening."
Linda Mackay
"We really enjoyed the concert in the afternoon!! Such a treat for New Year’s Day! Loved the commentary from the conductor and the waltzes were amazing! Thank you Stratford Symphony 😊"
Marie James Schneider
"A wonderful way to start the new year!!"
Marg Smith